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3 EASY Ways To Make Extra Money Even With A Full-Time Job

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Years ago I quit my job at a company when I spoke to a man who hadn’t had a pay rise in 14 years.

Here’s why…

A chocolate freddo used to be 10p. Now it’s 25p.

The rising cost of living, greedy corporations and inflation has forced you to work 2.5x harder to enjoy the same luxury.

Think about that.

Conversely, you can enjoy 2.5x less luxury on the same wage.

I don’t ride the bus, but it used to be 35p. The last I heard it was £2.10. 500% more expensive.

If you were earning £50,000pa, you’d now have to earn £300,000 per calendar year to compete.

Do you earn 500% more now than you did 10 years ago? Could you see yourself truly earning 500% more than you do now in the next 10 years? Probably not.

I’ve been fortunate and I only earn 316% more than I did last decade.

I’m not saying that inflation is 500%, but some goods or services have increased dramatically to that level. Making the cost of living more expensive than it’s ever been.

Perhaps it’s a good thing that I can’t afford the same amount of Freddo’s *sigh*

In this blog post I’ll teach you how to turn those hours in front of the TV into CASH.

Cold, hard cash. Or warm cash. It’s your call. I don’t know why people say cold as an adjective for cash.

Here we go…


I don’t do it anymore, but a few years ago I used to be a level 1 Gig Seller on

For me, I sold SEO advice. Reviewing a client’s website to tell them why they weren’t ranking well in Google and what action steps to take to fix it.

Without boring you, Google’s ‘Panda’ update killed SEO as we know it. There’s no guaranteed ‘hack’ anymore to outrank competitors. It takes more work than the $5 I could put into a text document.

As you can see, with minimal work put into it, I racked up $140 worth of extra income in a month.

That’s about £111. Which is 444 Freddo’s or 52 bus trips.

Go check out, as it’s got nothing to do with SEO. You could sell anything on there.

Great at guitar? Play a song with a company’s name in it.

Part of an African tribe? Hold a sign up with Pepsi on it for $5.

Sexy with the lights on? Blow someone lonely a kiss for $5.

It could be ANYTHING.

I could complete 4 gigs per hour.

At that rate you’d be earning $20 per hour. That’s more than minimum wage here in the UK.

Now all you have to do is decide which TV programme you’re not going to watch in order to earn extra income.



This was a new platform when I discovered it. It’s come a long way and now professionals are offering everything from graphic design, to voice-over work, to marketing advice.

At that time I earned £8 with one gig. Slightly more than 1 hour at minimum wage, but the gig took me 30 minutes in photoshop time. So it was a steal on my end.

£8 extra can get you 2.6 Flat White coffee’s from Costa. No questions asked. Or 54 miles in your car.

Based on average commute to work figures, that’s 1 free day of driving back and forth your job.

You can charge as little, or as much as you like for your services.

Now I charge a day rate for my freelance clients, but nothing stops you starting on here.

Get a friend or family member to buy an ‘hourlie’ from you. Get your first piece of feedback and you’re well on your way.

Let’s say you watch 2 hours of TV per night on average.

That’s 728 hours a year that you could dedicate to earning more. A new car, a holiday or towards raising a child.

In April 2017, the UK minimum wage will raise to £7.50, so even at that rate, you’d earn an extra £5,460 per year.

That’s a full years free grocery shopping if you spend an average of £100 per week.

Seriously, what are you waiting for?



Entrepreneur Gary Vee set a challenge in 2017 for people to try and earn $20,170 this year.

He recommended selling your old and unwanted household items on eBay.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

This is certainly true. My brother has earned thousands of £’s/$’s selling our old DVD’s, his old bikes & Childhood toys from our parent’s attic.

Progressing to buying stock now, he scouts local supermarkets for offers. e.g. 50% OFF Nerf Guns.

He’ll buy stock, then put it on eBay for full retail price, or a tiny bit less.

It constantly sells.

He puts all of that money into Premium Bonds and wins about £200 per year extra in their raffle.

Earning on autopilot

That’s a better return than ANY interest a bank can offer.

All of this occurs whilst he holds down a full time job, working 6 days per week.

Admittedly he’s 22 and doesn’t have kids… infact I’d barely trust him with scissors, let alone a human.

Despite no starting money, no experience and limited intelligence (jk… it’s brotherly banter) he’s managed to amass someone’s yearly salary in savings.

What’s stopping you?

Take that old chocolate fountain from your Kitchen cupboard and sell it.

Take those old clothes and sell them.

Take your Gameboy Colour with Evel Knievel game and play it! Wait what? I have to sell it? Nooooo. Don’t make me do this.


In summary, there are plenty of ways to earn money, but don’t forget about ‘Word Of Mouth’.

After setting up my Dad’s firm on a laptop in his Kitchen for him, and setting up my Uncle’s firm on a laptop in his conservatory for him, I’ve created a backlog of favours owed, and don’t need to break my back for freelance work.

Both were able to quit their full-time jobs and are doing very well. Their clients and contacts ask me for work that I could take from my home office comfortably.

But this didn’t always happen. I did favours for FREE. Worked Sunday’s for pennies and pulled all-nighters where needed.

You reap what you sow.


Just remember to live within your means…

I drive a Ford Focus Titanium, despite earning more than some friends.

I don’t splash out on appearances. My clothes come from ASOS, Topman or H&M.

Billionaire Warren Buffett is reported to still live in his Omaha house that he purchased for $31,000 in 1958.

He doesn’t need to show off.

He values freedom more than material things, and I recommend you do the same.

Work enough to give yourself the freedom to have a happy life.

A full day of work closely followed by freelance task until 2am shouldn’t scare you.

That silent sacrifice is what all success is built from.

While you sleep your competition works.

A few hours extra work today could be an all inclusive holiday to Mexico tomorrow. 

Make it happen.

Photo: Fabian Blank

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