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Ego IS The Enemy – Fight It


I have a modest following on social media, but numbers mean nothing.


We all shit the same, whether it’s 50 fans or 500 fans on your app.


When I walk into a room I always introduce myself and never assume the other person should know me or my work. Often they don’t.


Despite selling thousands of copies of EVERY trick i’ve ever released, at a magic convention I am relatively unknown.


Once in a blue moon someone asks me for an autograph and I’m taken back by it. Ridiculously flattered. I don’t deserve such praise.


Some people have mistaken this obliviousness for arrogance. Telling my friend Lloyd Barnes “I was standing near Geraint to try and get his attention but he didn’t say hi”


In my view, that person has been waiting in silence to get past me to someone else. So I politely move and the potential for interaction withers away. I never assume they know me.


WHY THEN, do some people assume their popularity?


Recently an email I wrote for a new release to the magic industry was criticised by one man for being shot at him and his work.


These people act like perpetual victims in life. Assuming every facebook status and email is about them. The world must be out to get them right? It’s super unfair.


In truth, it’s nothing like that.


I’m not going to name who it was, because ironically it would be giving them the attention they clearly crave so much.


What’s known as Justin Miller syndrome has swept the industry like a virus. A new product is released and some scramble to their family tree-esque mind map of magic to see how they’ve been dissed.


“I once sat next to that guy at McDonald’s in Blackpool. He must have stolen my trick! His uses a queen of spades and so does mine.”


Without any fear of disrepute their counter-attack to a non-existent first blow is thrown online. They feel hurt and they want to hurt back.


It’s a defence mechanism.


What’s sad is that the initial feeling they felt is all in their own head. A construct of too much ego. An incorrect assumption allowing them to feel wronged.


This particular person felt wronged by the word ‘true’ being underlined in an email.


In school you’re meant to show you’re working so i’m gonna try and show how he got there…


He/She created trick + read email – any logic = assumed it was an attack on their trick.


They assumed that an email’s choice of underline promoting someone else’s trick was an attack, 5 years in the making. A dig at their previously released creation.


Tell me that’s not ridiculous?


‘But it’s been up on penguin and was a best-seller for 2 months’ – So are a lot of things. If a customer has never heard of your product it’s not the customer’s fault. It’s your fault for not promoting it well enough for the customer to have heard of it.


I’ve heard of a she-wee and i’ve never ever owned a vagina. See my point.


Social media has given people an over-inflated view of their own importance in this world. Just because it gets 10 likes, doesn’t mean it’s correct.


You are not special. Your actions are.


It’s how you carry yourself, how you respond to setbacks, failure & success that makes you unique.


Ego is the enemy. Fight it.


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P.s. If your ego is getting out of hand and you want it to be ‘low key’ then take a look at Ryan Holiday’s book “Ego is the enemy”. I would link it, but my readers are worldwide, so it’s pointless sending you to UK Amazon.


Photo by Solal Ohayon on Unsplash




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