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how i get free internet

How I Get FREE Internet

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Nothing in life is FREE. Some things appear free, but they require effort, creativity, cunning or hand-outs.

What about sex? Friendship? Favours?

My Father told me that “A favour will always cost you more.”

It’s true, if you offer to pick someone up from the airport it’s not just the time it costs you, it’s the fuel, and that £3 fee you had to pay to wait in short stay… and that service station coffee at 3am to keep you awake.

Often your sleeping pattern is ruined and thus you’re less productive in work the following day. Affecting your reputation for good work. Potentially a loss of income?

See… The face value of a favour is always less than it’s worth.

With sex t00, you always pay for it. Even if not financially, you’re paying with your time, trust and emotions. Maybe indirectly it’s financial because YOU bought the cocktails.

How then, do you get something for FREE? How do I get FREE internet for example?

I’ll tell you.

I think the word free has been re-defined. To mean ‘without impact’ and not to be ‘without cost’.

If you have a salary of £5,000 per month and your internet costs you £50, then it has an impact on your salary. Your ability to buy more with the income that you have is reduced by this cost.

To way to get things for FREE is to earn more on auto-pilot, so your bills don’t have any impact on your salary.

Here’s what I did… This is how I get ‘free’ internet.



I started an online T-shirt business with my friend Oban Jones. An extra revenue stream for both of us that could run itself on auto-pilot.

Visit Ghost & Glory after you’ve read this blog if you wan’t to take a look. 

Below is a screenshot of our dashboard this week at Ghost & Glory.


ghost and glory

The concept was simple. Create a business that we’re passionate about to increase our revenue above our current income.

That extra income could be used to offset our bills, giving us more money to enjoy our lives.

I get FREE internet, because I have a side-business working to pay my bills for me…. and you can too.


“But Geraint, you said nothing is FREE?” True.

(“But Geraint, you started a sentence with ‘but'” … So sue me)

There is a cost to everything you do, and online money-making guru’s and internet marketers will tell you differently. Don’t believe them.

Facebook’s Advertising was set to conversions, optimising it for an audience of proven buyers. 18 out of 44 sales came from our ads.

facebook conversions

What that screenshot above leaves out is the cost.

cost of conversions

£14.33 per purchase. Aka, it costs us £14 (Over $18) to get a new customer.

Now this might seem okay when you consider the average order value is £39, but that only leaves £24.90 left. It costs us about £11 to make a t-shirt, so that drops us down to £13.96 profit. That number needs to be halved because it’s a 50/50 share.

We’re looking at £6.98 now.

That’s about £300 each so far, or £50 per month. The cost of an internet bill.

Obviously the math is estimated, because not every conversion had an equal ad spend, but this is offset by site, domain, hosting & other marketing costs (like free samples).

It doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it, and it doesn’t mean it won’t ever grow.

ghost and glory


I see it as an investment of compound interest.

Warren Buffet says ‘compounded interest’ is the secret to his wealth.

£50 per month isn’t a lot, but in a year it’s an extra £600. In 5 years it’s an extra £3,000.

If the company grows and profits increase with inflation, you could be looking at that revenue as a Holiday fund for you and your family. Something that builds and gives you financial freedom with very little effort.

Anyone can make a Shopify site, and tools like Oberlo on shopify allow you to access ANY niche with products attached to Ali-express.

You could sell iPhone cases or scented candles. Literally anything… We needed something relatively expensive as £14 acquisition cost for a customer would put you at a loss if you were selling £5 iPhone cases. I digress…

Your brand could be built in a day and profitable by tomorrow.

I’m posting this blog at home via an internet connection others paid for.

Wouldn’t you like to do the same?

geraint clarke signature

If you’d like a t-shirt from Ghost & Glory (printed in the UK on Earth positive 100% cotton) then grab yours HERE. I’m wearing the ‘consume your enemies‘ shirt now as I write this. It’s my favourite.




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