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Campaigns Are Cocaine


I’m addicted to very little in life. I understand the power of addiction, and I don’t allow myself to indulge in alcohol, tobacco and substances through fear of losing control.

That same power can be bottled and applied to product launches, re-brandings and more… As a Campaign.

It shoots right into the veins of your addicts… I mean customers.

A sensory overload that tempts the strong, and consumes the rest.

Oscar Wilde once said “I can deny anything, but temptation.”

Temptation is the baited hook of consumerism. Awareness is one of the last steps in Marketing, and one of the longest. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and saturating an idea, product or company into the market takes time. It has to seep into the cracks and puddle up in your buyers lives.

The beauty of a campaign is this multi-platform approach of temptation and awareness. Dangling that hook in every pond.

I remember the owner of Mercedes Benz saying before, that he made toy car Mercs for kids, because by the time they grew up, they’d have an affinity with the company, and a desire to own one. He’s playing the long game, and he’s one hell of a player.

If you fully stand behind and believe in your product, then there is no guilt involved in this business. You can’t sell something you don’t love. Sincerity and opinions are always more powerful than facts.

You have to build a multi-platform assault that explodes with bomb-esque impact, and circuit-board precision.

Timing is EVERYTHING, and everything should be timed.

My campaigns run on daily slots. I know what every platform is doing at what time, every day it is running for… and you should too.

Posts are scheduled, staff are briefed and videos are tentatively jammed into the starting blocks, waiting for the signal to run. If you fail to prepare, then you better prepare to fail.

There’s no such thing as luck in business.