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Dealing With Stolen Strategy


Pablo Picasso once said “Great artists Steal”.

So it’s inevitable as I spend more time in this industry that I can see more and more competitors copy my moves. Following like sheep.

At first I was bothered, territorial and irrational.

Seeing companies copy promotions, release campaigns and hype-tactics that have made $$$$$ is ultimately a compliment.

They are great artists, and I respect them for stealing. My hands aren’t free of blood either.

The problem with it is that it becomes commonplace. If everyone is doing the same thing, people get used to it, and then my efforts are paid less attention on the 3rd time they’ve seen it that week.

Blinded by the bright glow of the silver lining, it’s now up to me to change first.

I don’t own strategy, but I do create it.


“The market leader always informs the strategy of it’s competitors.”



Trying to out-trump someone creates a race to the bottom. Not something anyone wants. It devalues businesses, products and niches.

It’s taught me a lesson that potentially it’s less important to cry wolf and instead leave the wolf-pack to the scraps while you go after bigger and better sheep.

I’m hungry for something else.