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The Marketing Virus


To me, marketing is nothing but a virus. Infecting my potential buyers, with symptoms of desire, aspiration and impatience.

I want them to want it, and they will. Their immunue system isn’t strong enough to defend against it, mine isn’t either. We’re all victims.

As I write this I’m drinking a Smart Water.

Will it make me smarter? No.

Does it have any benefits over it’s cheaper competitors? Probably not.

Was it more expensive than the others? Yes.

Do I care? No.


The bottle is streamlined, tall and smooth. It’s a visual representation to me, and to anyone that watches me drink it.

The truth is nobody cares, and the only purpose for this product is hydration. A boring, unsexy necessity.

Herein lies the con of all marketing, and one that we should ALLOW ourselves to fall for.

So why did I buy it?
The less time I make on choices, the more time I have for me. Seneca said “Life isn’t short, but we make it short.” The water stood out, I’ve seen it on POS (Point Of Sale) and the design catches my eye on shelf. I won’t allow myself to think past that point. The paradox of choice creates nothing more than buyer regret. The more I see, the more I’ll second guess my decisions and weigh up my options, and regret not buying the products I didn’t choose.

So I don’t. Time is important to me. I enjoy my lifestyle, and others enjoy theirs too. I grab the one that’s worked the hardest to convince me to buy it. My decision is on autopilot.

I buy the more expensive coffee, if it means driving 10minutes further to save 30%. Time is not money, it’s far more valuable, and I for one am sick of wasting it.

To many, this awareness, drivin by advertising is deceiving. It leaves them feeling fooled or cheated. These people are idiots. They think the value is in the product, and not in the experience.

Apple spend millions of dollars to create a product experience. The box, the name, colours, sound, textures, stores, informal staff. The product is worth less than 10% of what you pay for it, but you’re paying for how it makes you feel, from start to finish. That’s effective marketing. A hypnotism-esque state of compliance.

You want it because of how it makes you feel, not because it’s worth it.

Self-awareness is murdered by self-indulgence.