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The Best Year Ever – 2015 Recap


Before the Turkey had settled in my bulging stomach on Xmas 2014 I took the first steps into what would become the best year of my life so far.

I moved into my own apartment. Half decorated by ikea, the other half as baron as my expectations for the year ahead.

I ran face-first into creating magic, yoga on my empty living room floor, drinking pretentious amounts of green tea and reading daily rituals of History’s finest minds.

2015 was the year of ‘Yes’. I tried to accept EVERY adventure, opportunity and choice with open arms. Even if I couldn’t afford it initially.

I began to make some big decisons about my brand, focussing on who I wanted to be as a man on the inside, and who I wanted people to see on the outside.

Before the year started I had a phonecall regarding a Peter Turner premonition. ” ‘Ere Gadget, 2015 will be your year lad. I’m telling ya!”

I sang in the New Year on the balcony of my new apartment with 2 of my best friends. A calm before the very real storm approaching.

I got my face put into a deck of cards. A timeless gesture of friendship by Alan Rorrison in his Sinners deck.

I filmed Ellusionist’s best selling download of 2015; Latch. A crazy full-circle creation for me, as it was the first trick I ever created during a Performing Arts class at age 16.

Thousands of magicians around the world have bought it and performed it casually or professionally. So humbling to think you’ve impacted the life of someone thousands of miles away.

Then I attended an all staff day in Leeds for my office job at a UK-based healthcare charity. Nothing on me but a few expensive suits and a look of boredom.

My phone rang and it was Peter Turner ” ‘Ere Gadget, yur in Leeds aren’t ya? Quit that fooking job and let’s rock out of here. I’ll be at your hotel in an hour.”

I pulled off the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done in my life. Quit my job with no security or promise of another one infront of the ENTIRE company, threw my suits in the cramped bin of my over-sized hotel room and left. Tearing my return ticket home into tiny pieces with each step into the unknown.

Pete and I went to a clothes shop and I bought a holdall and a weekends worth of clothes and we immediately caught a train to Blackpool magic convention.

When I arrived, dazed & confused I was headhunted for the Ellusionist Team and handed a drink and a hug from my best friend Lloyd Barnes.

An email from Brad Christian in my inbox “Welcome aboard, have a drink on me!”

I had the best time there with Lloyd Barnes, Peter Turner, Jordan Murphy, Chris Ramsay, Daniel Madison, Fabien D√©faucheux, Benoit Pervier, Damien O’Brien, Sam McTernan, Gianni Vox & more.

So much whisky, food & fun.

Fast-forwarding through, I was invited into the 52, got my finger tattooed and started making waves.

I started lecturing on my magic to audiences all around the UK, which was surreal but rewarding.

I tried my first and last cigar, got over my fear of being on camera and became a lover of sunshine for the first time in my life.

I flew to Greece and met Johnny T, Perseus, Costas & Titanus. Amazing men who treated Lloyd and I like Kings when we were there. Those guys know how to have a laugh and that beach club night out was one of the best of my life. German girls, beaches and whisky old fashioned’s.

Other places of note include Italy, New York, Toronto & Ibiza. So much adventure, and I’d never been that guy before. I’m used to be the indoors type, scared to say yes to a last minute party or opportunity.

Riding Citibikes the wrong way up 11th Avenue with Adam Wilber became one of the most fun moments of the year.

Each flight, coffee, cab, hotel, host & restaurant was better than the next and each day was one I woke up being truly thankful for.

2015 made me appreciate relationships, friendships, & destinations much more. Showing me how generous and supportive people can be, and how my world could be so much more than what it was growing up on a council estate.

A far cry from underage drinking and rap battles on a canal bridge at age 16…

I’m closer with my Mum, Dad, Nan, Siblings and Step-father than ever before. Knowing that family will be there through thick and thin if you’re honest.

My vow is and has always been to NEVER lie to a direct quesiton. Even these blog posts have received a lot of support about how open and revealing they are.

Deep insecurities laid bare, for the world to see.

You may lose friends, girlfriends, colleagues or fans, but it’s important to be honest with yourself and everyone else.

Authenticity attracts appreciation.

I closed the year off feeling very proud of others. For setting up their businesses, chasing their dreams, losing that weight or sticking to that hobby.

That drive they had inspired me to read more, publish more… do more.

Forced by experience to become a man. To take responsibility for my own life, mistakes and more.

I stopped caring what strangers think, and started to try and mentor others on how they can build their own strength of character.

I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings, knowing that all the people, experiences, adventures and decisions I’ve made this year have helped shape me.

I look forward to seeing how I can be a better, more appreciative, more humble, more helpful man this year.

If you follow me on social media. Every comment, like, inbox, follow, DM or share you give helps me to live the way I do.

So thank you. Yes, you.